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Adding a new after market Stereo to my 2004 Sport Trac


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March 22, 2011
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Cincinnati, OH
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2004 Sport Trac
I have had this Sports Trac since I bought it new and absolutely love it. It's like Ford picked my brain for every feature I'd want in an SUV and created the Sport Trac just for me. I was very disappointed to hear of the discontinuation of the line after 2010. So I guess I will just have to drive this one for as long as I can.

I live through my iPhone, and although the OEM Audiophile system was decent, I really needed something that integrated the iPhone better. What I found was this nifty gadget:

I have the new HU and what I think is the right assortment of installation equipment on hand. But I have never done this before, and am still a little unclear on how all of the extras (Amps, Subwoofers etc) integrate.

The O-Car unit uses an ISO connection for the power and speakers, and also has RCA outputs. I understand that I need to do some crimping to make this all work with my Sport Trac's older style wiring harness.

Here is a picture of my current HU, front and back, as well as the part number sticker:


There were two wiring harnesses besides the antenna cable attached to the back of the unit:



The new HU has an ISO harness:


I bought the following adapter from Crutchfield:


I assume I will clip the large end (the small end goes into the back of the O-Car) from the new HU ISO harness pictured above and crimp the wires together basically matching the colors for color, then plug this adapter into the harness in the dash I posted above.

What I am not sure how to do is to handle the small 4 wire adapter, the second wire bundle in the dash that plugged into the left side on the back of the OEM HU. I am guessing this is the subwoofer. If so, there is an RCA out for a sub woofer directly from the new HU, the green capped port pictured below:


If the 4 wire bundle in my dash is for the sub woofer. I found a post in the sticky thread where you can cut this and splice it to the positive (red/black) and negative (brown/orange) wires inside any spare RCA cable. I then also have to splice the yellow/black and black/green wires into the switched power line and the ground lines on the in dash harness.

I just want to make sure I have all of that right before starting. My main fear is shorting something and destroying this new piece of equipment. I also have 2 pairs of Boston Acoustic speakers for the front and back doors.

Does this all sound good? Any red flags?

Thanks a bunch!