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Adding additional cigarette outlet via Add a curcuit


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March 25, 2009
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Clearwater, Florida
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06 Eddie Bauer
On my old Explorer, I remember adding an additional "add a circuit" so I can our add a cigarette lighter outlet that would turn off and on with the car. I want to do that with my new explorer but I cant' remember exactly what fuse I used. I posted this years ago, but I can't remember.

If I replace a 10am fuse, I just need to make sure I add the 10 amp fuse to the "add a circuit" and everything should work fine or do I need to add another fuse?

In my manual, I have noticed there are some fuses that are empty, does anyone know if they are controled by the key or or if they have constant power? I know many will probably tell me to test myself, but I am at work and can't right now. When I get home, I don't have much daylight to really sit and play.

Any help would be appreciated.