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Adding an Alpine Headunit to a 2003??


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April 3, 2008
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2003 Explorer XLT
I have a 2003 Ex. With just the standard single CD and cassette factory unit.
I got the harness that Metra suggests using their vehicle outfitter program thing.
But there are two plugs that go into the back of the factory unit and the Metra only came with one.

Do I just run the single one that came from Metra to the Alpine and leave the other one out???
What does the other one control??

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Yes, you just leave the one unplugged. Its for a factory CD changer. I just put an Alpine in my wifes XLT. Her stock deck had 3 plugs, the Metra has one. The 2 'extras' are not connected to anything and everything works.

Another quick question.

The Metra harness has a chassis ground wire on it. Should I just put the chassis ground from the stereo to the harness or like the Alpine instructions show it going directly to the chassis and not the harness.

You should be fine with just the wire

I just used the wire on the harness.