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Adding Bluetooth to 1999 Explorer with CD Changer


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May 8, 2013
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99 Exp; 98 Mountaineer
I know this is technically possible but I'm having a heckuva time finding a device, which is compatible with a 1999 Explorer XLT, that will use the CD changer input on my factory Ford stereo to create a bluetooth auxiliary input.

I don't have steering wheel controls or sat radio. I just want to be able to switch to the CD changer input and have it pump out whatever I'm sending over bluetooth. Anyone know of an affordable solution?

I have that PIE adapter (2nd link) and it works fine if you dont plugging in your phone every time. I would like to find something that will interface with the factory harness and allow me to add BT and control it through the steering wheel but I havent found anything yet.

The only other option is to change the plugs on the truck to the newer style Phase II plugs and use a newer OEM radio and BT adapter designed for said radio. By then, you mind as well just put in an aftermarket radio and be done with it.