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Adding Consoles


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March 9, 2006
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North Port, Florida
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'96 XLT
My 96' XLT didnt come with an overhead console, or a full floor console. I know it is possible to add an overhead console, but I am not sure about the floor console. As of now I dont have rear air and was wondering if the new console would give me that functionality. Here is a link to the ebay auctions.

OverHead Console

Floor Console

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I'm wondering the same thing, over the weekend I installed the floor center console, but haven't had the time to check the air/electronic controls. Any one has an idea, schematics, on how to do this?


You have alot of things to consider. Is the wireing good to the rear blower? The 96 Explorer had to of had a overhead console at some point. Are their any wires in that spot?

Well I pulled down the headliner to check for the mounting holes and those are tehre but no wires. My local salvage yard has one so Tommrow I am going to get it out. I am going to try to save the wiring harness to simplyify the install. But how would I go about switching the half console to the full floor console?

About the floor center console, is rather easy, it took me almost all day, but I was doing several things at once, for the floor console (full) you'll need mounting brackets also, because the hardware you have to mount the half console is not going to be used at all, so check if you have it or can get it, other than that the installation is simple, the wiring is tricky though, I'm going to leave that alone since I don't want somebody on the back to control stuff (kids)