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Adding Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

Are you guys still looking for the part no.'s or are you done.
Fog Lamp Bracket(s): Call-out 15266
Fog Lamp: call-out name 15200

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I havent done it yet, but still want to....did you manage to get the fog lamps ?

Waiting for them to come for sale on ebay

wandering around looking for other stuff, came across the wiring harness needed between fog lights and the terminal shown. Part #15A211 $6.08 each. at site

So, is this what we need then ?

Part #: BB5Z11654AA

Part #: 15266

Part #: 15200

Part #: 15A211

Anything else ?

Looks like it,
Are you planning to cut the holes in the bumper to put the Fog lamps in OR buy new cover.

Ill just cut the holes

Ok, I got the oem switch, it came with the button for the fogs, and and additional position for the headlights (A) for the automatic headlights I guess.

Now the question is: there is a square socket on the back... will I need to buy another harness or can I somehow wire the thing to the fog lights to make them work ?

Actually, I was thinking about installing some generic fog lamps, and make them work with the original switch, is that possible ?

Another question.... what will happen if I turn the headlights knob to the (A) position ? Im guessing there should be a sensor somewhere to make the auto lights work, right ?

Yes there is a sensor and you may need the wiring too, sensor sits in the middle of the dash (there is a cover there). Sensor is around $20.
Also is the new headlight switch socket in the back different then the current one (without fogs)

I just bought aftermarket LED lights more as DRL than driving, cut out the blank and use a high quality automotive glass adhesive to mount the lights. good overnight cure, they are rock solid. current draw on the LED is so small, they wired directly to the park light front left and right.

Tropici; pictures, pictures, show us the procedure/DIY, thanks..:chug:

Tropici; pictures, pictures, show us the procedure/DIY, thanks..:chug:

Okay, since you asked, and its a new year... :D

The blank in the OEM bumper has a circular ridge around 3" diamenter, with horizontal ribs. The lights I bought were around that size.

Removal of bumper is not necessary.

Only having a hole saw 2.5" (for house door knobs), I started with that, then a rasp to carefully open the hole to the size such that my lights would NOT go through, but seat comfortably on the rim of the light unit. This is where lots of planning comes in. Over size the hole and you are into a new problem. Leave the edge of the hole rough. I already had a tube of black window adhesive from a reinstall of the Solstice back window when it started separating... since my repair held on that, I felt comfortable with the product. It is a messy process, but overages once cured, can be easily scraped off. (except your fingers. wear latex gloves, but even that will not keep it all off your hands :p:)

Before installing lights, there is a nice more or less vertical passage to fish wires from behind the fog light hole to the top of the headlight and hood deck support posts on each side.

Slather a generous ring of the black adhesive around the cut hole, and a ring around the fog light. With the wires attached, press the glue prepared unit into place and hold for a few minutes. If cut right it should stay put. If not, some masking tape or such. Let it cure a good 12 hours or more. Once it is cured, any black goop on glass or bumper surfaces will just rub off. The seal were the lamp and the bumper hole, will set to a very rigid compound... it does hold windshield glass in place... but if you ever have to remove or replave, the compund can be cut with moderate difficulty and cleanly pealed away, leaving surfaces as they first were before installation.

Because I was using LED, which draw very little current, I merely soldered them to the two wires for the amber side marker (park) light. Remove the bulb will get you enough slack to carefull peal away enough wire cover without cutting the entire wire, to solder the fine LED wires. Make sure you have correct polarity or else the lights don't work.


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Super job, looks great!

Wow, great solution !!!
Thanks for those pics

Any progress on getting the factor ones installed into a Base Model. This is definitely one of the upgrades I would consider doing.

I guess my big question is are we going to have to run wiring to the fog lights, or is the harness already there and we just have to plug things in?

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