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Adding Fogs to an XLS using an "XLT" switch..


March 5, 2010
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Bloomington, IL
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2002 XLS 4 Door 4x4
Noob to the site here... and hoping to get some info..

I have a 2002 XLS with no fogs... looking to install some (change over the bumper to an XLT style probably) but I am looking at using the stock style switch (keep it cleaner looking). but my questions are..

1) will my connector plug into the switch provisioned for the stock fog lamps..

2) are there open sockets in my plug where I can put a connector on the end of the wire and slide it in to the connector.

Thanks for the help..

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1st off welcome to EF brother ... and not sure if there is a plug for them but you could just splice them into the low beams?? not sure if you wanna go that route but an option

The fog light switch will not work for a non fog truck. The harnesses are different in the dash. I tried the same thing and it wouldn't work.

Well it looks like a custom switch box to me... lol thanks

I don't have the message center so I put my switch here: