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adding limited rear quarter panel pieces


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October 18, 2001
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Red Wing, MN
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1996 xlt
i did this a long time ago, but i keep getting emails asking just whats going on back there. so heres the deal... i bought the rear quarter panel pieces from fordpartsnetwork for 204 that are supposed to be on a limited explorer or mountaineer and i painted them to match. imo it really made a huge difference in the appearance of the truck.


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i had a closeup but i lost i can't find it on my computer right now. heres a before pic


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is your bumper still chrome? i think it would look cleaner if it were white also...

yeah both front and rear bumpers are chrome, i kind of like it that way, and i also kind of don't want to spend the money to buy a new bumper (and i think it would look bad to just sand this one down and paint it). in an ideal world i would have a custom body kit with painted bumper pieces included but i don't 'cause i'm broke. thanks for the idea though, its right on.

what year limited did you buy for? like 95-97? not that i would copy another white X (you piss me off, cuz everytime i have an idea, you run out an do it while i just think about it, and now i cant cuz i will be copying you:D ) im considering taking mine off and "building on" to them with some fiberglass. maybe try an replicate the EE ones... but it still dont know what to do yet. all of my painting will proly not go down until September, and i hate to have them off that long.

yeah its the 95-97 part, don't be afraid to do it, there'd still only be two of us.