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Additional PATS keys


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May 26, 2009
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Greenville, SC
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00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8
I purchased my 2000 Sport in May 2009 from a tow truck operator who towed it from the interstate highway after being abandoned (it had a bad camshaft position sensor). I only received one PATS key and one door key with the vehicle. I kept putting off buying additional PATS keys when I learned how expensive it would be to obtain them from the dealer. Last month I purchased a blank PATS key via eBay. Yesterday I stopped by my local locksmith with my good PATS key and the blank. The locksmith informed me that he would not program my blank key because he would incur an associated cost. He was willing to sell me a new blank key, cut it and then program it for $60 plus tax. I explained I was a little concerned about the key programming interfering my custom tune but I had my SCT X3 with me so I could reload the tune if there was a problem. It took about 10 minutes for his machine to read the PATS frequency and reprogram the key. He noticed that the THEFT light was flashing during the key reprogramming which was not normal. His concerns were valid because the key would not work. Then he cut another key from a different manufacturer and also the eBay key I had brought. After another 10 minutes waiting for the programming machine to complete the second key worked. He then used the two good keys and my PCM to program my eBay key in about 15 seconds. He did not charge me for cutting or programming the first key or my eBay key. So for $62.50 I now have 3 functional PATS keys. My custom tune was not affected. I am very pleased! He also described some of my PATS related options if I ever do a double powertrain swap between my SOHC V6/5R55E Sport and a V8/4R70W 4 door.