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Adjust 96 Explorer sunroof


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February 1, 2009
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1996 xlt
My factory sunroof has one corner that appears to be lower than the roof level and is causing a small leak on the front passenger side corner of the roof. I have taken the sun roof totally out and all of the drains are clear and the water channels are not cracked and in good condition, so all I can figure is the low corner is causing the water to wick in underneath the sun roof rather than it dropping straight down into the water channel and out the drain tube. I want to adjust the corner up to be level or slightly above the roof line like the rest of the sunroof is aligned. Otherwise it works perfectly.

If anyone can share information on how this is done I would appreciate it. The local sunroof shop wants $100 just to check it out.

I'm not sure on the Ex, but on my old Taurus I had to pull the motor off, run the motor off the spindle until it shut off in it's "parked" position, then use an old manual window crank handle to turn the moonroof to the desired position, then reinstall the motor on the spindle. Mine was off a couple of teeth somehow, but 10 minutes and the problem was solved...

The glass assy. should be held onto the track with just a few nuts and or small bolts. Take them out and install a washer between the glass and frame where you need to raise it up.

Thanks - I will check that out - If I remember right all of the screws that hold the sunroof to the mechanism are along the front edge. Sounds like it should work.