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Adjusting Parking Brake 2004 Explorer

Joe DeVola

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December 12, 2008
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2004 XLT
How simple is adjusting the parking brake on a 2004 Explorer? On previous vehicles I've owned all I had to do was engage the pedal a notch or two and reach under the vehicle and take the slack out of the cable going to the rear. My Maintenance Manual doesn't show it to be that easy. It says to take out inside trim panels, yada, yada, yada.

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at least on my 02 4-door SUV, the adjustment is on the pedal mechanism itself, not the cable. You have to take off the knee bolster and kick panel to really get convenient access to it, I think.

Reminds me, I need to adjust mine a little. Only really holds 2 clicks up from the bottom, and I've got a stick shift.

Easiest way is to remove the caliper and rotor. Adjust the star wheel to where the rotor won't go on, then re-adjust until it slips on without any contact with the parking brake shoes.

I just got my 02 back on its wheels an hour ago after replacing the parking brake rear cables, backing plates, shoes, rotors, pads and struts. Yes the only way to adjust the parking brakes is to move the adjusting star at the bottom of the parking brake shoes. If the rotors come off easy it is not a bad job. I have to remove mine again for a minor adjustment.

Thanks everyone. It appears that this nothing I want to do myself with all the other chores on my plate.