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Adrenaline Pin-stripping - Is it removable?


March 12, 2014
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2005 nissan sentra
Hi everyone,

First post, been reading around here for a little while. I tried a search and came up short.

I am purchasing a 2004 Sport Trac Adrenaline in blue and I absolutely hate the pin-stripping. I was wondering if this was removable like a decal, or is it painted on, or a decal under the clear coat?

This would almost be a deal breaker for me, so any assistance you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Looking forward to being a first time Sport Trac owner soon!

Look up eraser wheel. It attaches to your drill and will take just about everything okay and I believe after thats done you can use goo gone to take of the residue.

If that would take the paint off then I will assume its not under a clear coat. Excellent, I just hope the seller doesn't welch on the deal :)

Wondering if anyone else here has any experience with removing the pin-stripping?