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Adventures in Plastic Dipping


April 5, 2013
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2013 Exlorer Limited 4WD
Just thought I would post these up. Gives some good pics of no roof racks too.









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Congrats on the good looking ride...
looks very much like my wife's sport - there IS no color other than black for her :) :)

Now tell me how you removed and sealed the roof racks as it's not necessary on our Ex as we travel in my large crewcab totting a 35 ' 5th wheel..

I didn't leave them off. I just took them off for plastidipping :)

I like the door handles that are done. Have you had any problems with the entry and locking via the handle?

Are you going to do the rocker panels? I did mine and really liked the look.

txaggie. Definitely gonna do the chrome strips just didn't want to bite off more than I could chew that day.

No problems yet with the handles :)

I have a question about your grill. The part where there are tiny holes, did you just spray over them or did you somehow cover them up so as not to get the spray into the "mesh" inside? Thank you. I plasti dipped my X as well (Ruby Red) and the Red on black looked awesome but I left the portions mentioned silver.

I took the grill off to the the dipping. :)

Bjremi did you have to remove the entire front bumper to get at the grill? I know that the two chrome strips attach to the grill and are separate pieces, but it seems like the entire bumper cover has to be removed. :(

Looks good. Thinking about doing mine. Waiting until I get my black rims before I make a final decision. What's the general consensus on the longevity/durability of plastidip?

txaggie, I just took off the grill portion. I also went as far as removing the chrome strips completely. Not that bad just had to use something I call the "coin" method. Found it on another forum when taken apart side mirrors. Feel free to shoot me a PM and I will send you my phone number if you want to talk about it in more detail.

Bstollmaier, I have used plastic dip for a while now on both my boat as well as a tahoe that I have. It's fine as long as nothing messes with it. Not super durable to things like hard rubs and things that would scratch paint.