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Advice: 2009 6 cyl/5spd auto or V8/6 spd auto?


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August 25, 1999
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I've been looking for a new Explorer to replace my 1993 5spd manual (with over 250K miles). I have a line on a 2009 Eddie Bauer V8 with 126K miles - very well maintained, at a reasonable price. I don't know anything about the V8's, I only have experience with the 6 cyl engine (of course that is the pushrod engine) :)

I need opinions on reliability and costs of the V8/6spd auto and whether this could be a good around town, out-of-town and vacation vehicle. I won't be towing anything.

Thanks, group!!


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Sounds good. have a boo at the exhaust manifold studs, they like to shear off in the heads, also the exhaust manifolds like to crack. Also find out when the spark plugs were changed. they like to snap off in the heads if left to long on some of the earlier ones, but being a 09 you might be alright. Sounds like a not bad rig though.

Thanks, Tech By Trade!

I may sound like a broken record, but get the V8, better engine and better tranny.
Currently, I have 2 of them, an 07 v6, and 06 v8.

I bought the 07 very cheap this summer with a broken tranny 5r55s at only 117k miles.
I have had my 06 v8 for the past 9 years, and at 238k miles still running strong with the original 6r60.

Like Tech said, broken studs on the manifolds is the big pain on them. 09 did not have the spark plug issues anymore.

Thanks, Explorer PL!

I absolutely recommend the V8 over the V6. Even with some of the niggling issues the 3V moduler motors have the 6R60 is a far better transmission than the 5R55.

Thanks Christobal65!