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Advice - Keep black or paint titanium metallic?

I have a black 1997 Explorer XL 2 door.
I therefore have the ugly purple/grey bumper trim with no fender flares.

I have bought, sanded and primed both left side SPORT fender flares, and am looking to buy the right side.

Went to MAACO yesterday, they want $300 to sand, prime and paint the front and back bumper trim, as well as paint the side skirts and four new fender flares.

My question, Paint all the flares and bumpers black, or a dark grey/silver titanium metallic?

I am leaning towards the titanium, since I still have chrome on my bumpers, and it may be a good transition from chrome to black.

Any thoughts?:exp:

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why dont you paint them to match the truck? :) i love that look, and a number of guys here have done it. try a search for yetix, williechu, or jornum1/jornum99 (i forget his name on here.)

if you dont like that idea, i like the gray look, since thats what i have on my truck ;)

Did Macco give you a quote on painting just the front and back bumper trim?

No offense, but i don't trust MAACO as far as i can throw them. I would try an independent shop and see how there prices compare.

yeah i agree with Dan, i wouldnt trust maaco if i were you, just find a mom & pop paint shop and have them do it. for instance a girl at my school got her Heep paint and they painted part of the gas tank skid plate and it looks trashy. we all know it was a maaco or peach paint job.

The quote was for painting just the 4 fender flares, two side skirts below the doors, as well as sanding down the plastic trim on the front and back bumper trim, then painting the bumper trim as well. (but not the chrome on the bumper)

He did say he would nock off $50 if I sanded the two bumpers myself, but for only $50 I thought they mine as well do it.

I have already sanded and primed two flares, and will gladly sand and prime the side skirts and two other flares myself (So I know the work is done properly).

Avoid that paint shop ( company ) like the plague.

I think they would look best the color of the truck.

Good luck.....

do you have a digital camera

if so take a picture and use a graphics pragram and do the colors you are thinking of then you can compare them side by side to see what you like better

hope it helps