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Advise for towing a car behind my 02 Mountaineer?


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December 3, 2005
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Hey guys!

I've had my 02 V-8 Mountaineer for about 3 years now so far, just have never towed with it before. I do not have the towing package, just the factory hitch that is 1 1/4 size. I think good for 3,500 pounds or so is it??

A freind of mine brought a V.W Thing (car) and I am suppose to drive up 7 hours tomorrow and pick it up. The VW already has a front end hitch so all I would have to do is pull this car behind me for 7 hours.

Would I be looking at any troubles doing this? any advise any of you can give me on how to travel with pulling a car? LIke how fast can I go on the highway before its not safe? Speed limit there is 70mph, would that be to fast towing this car back?

Do I travel with overdrive off?

Thank you for any information in advance guys!

Do not tow the Thing with hooking your mounty up the front end hitch of the car because the car needs to steer and the car could be all over the road whether the steering column is locked or unlocked. You need to get a car trailer or a car dolly to tow the car with and make sure you have 4flat trailer wiring if your towing with a car dolly, I would recommend the car dolly since its lighter. When going up a grade turn the overdrive off and most tow dolly's have a speed rating on them while towing it could feel like its swaying the rear end so just be careful with that. Look in your yellow pages for a place to rent a tow dolly, I know here I can rent one at $35 a day, good luck.

Well, I took the 14 hour trip up there and pulled this car all the way back 7 straight hours with no problems! The car hooked up to my hitch perfact! I averaged about 15mpg towing this car, so it dropped from 20.5 when I'm nto towing anything.

heres the pics of it...