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AFE Air intake on 2014 Sport - questions


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December 30, 2002
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2019 Explorer Sport
I recently purchased this unit from a member on the forum. It's a short ram air intake that appears of good build quality. I've installed literally a dozen air intakes over the years - some true CAI's, as well. After installation, I always noticed a grow under part/full throttle from the installation of these units. On the Sport? Not one bit. I was shocked. It sounds nearly as quiet as the stock intake. I must admit that was disappointing as I was looking for some "growl" under throttle. I do hear the turbo whistle a bit and the BOV a bit more when I jump OFF the throttle.

Any input on why this condition happens on the FI 3.5 Eco engine? I'm not all that used to FI engines, so I'm hoping someone can explain to me why the difference.