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After market radio install no dash lights


September 22, 2018
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2001 Explorer Sport Stock
2001 explorer sport 203k

My stock radio went out on me but i had won a sony cdx-gt270mp in a silent auction car kit 4 years ago. I know nothing about installing radios. Searched this forum and found out i needed 70-1771 connector. Used posi twists to wire everything and got the radio working.

Problem is when i have the radio plugged in my dash lights dont work. Dome light functions and everything else but no lights on the speedometer. When i unplug the unit the dash lights come back.

Im guessing this is a power issue. Do i need an amp to get this new radio to work? Any suggestions?

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Bumping this. Have time to work with it today.

So i wouldnt need an amp obviously.

This is probably a wiring issue. Any one use a 70-1771 connector before? I think the orange wire is for the dimmer switch but theres no corresponding orange wire. Do i ground it?

Don't ground it just cap it

Ditto, I'd disconnect the dimmer wire out from the radio wires and see if that solves the dash light issue. Most of the wiring adapter harnesses use standard wire colors, and the instructions for them are common.

look at the picture in this link.
Disconnect the orange\white and the orange\black wires if they are present and this will fix your dash light problems. Every wire on your 1771 adapter should have a corresponding wire coming out of the back of your head unit. Any wire that you cannot match exact color for color, leave unconnected and taped off. Do not ground any wires and Do Not connect any colored wire to a non-matching wire.