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aftermarket AC Parts Reviews?


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August 2, 2009
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Memphis, TN
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2003 Mountaineer V8 4.6L
I'm getting ready to revive the AC on a 1997 Mounty 5.0. The accumulator has rusted through, but I haven't dug much deeper yet to see the orifice tube. I started researching, and the accumulator prices range from 20.00 for a Four Seasons aftermarket to 100.00 for Motorcraft. The compressor is 15 years old and the value of the truck limits how much I want to spend although I'd like to keep the old girl several more years. Does anyone have any reviews of the non OEM parts for the AC, specifically the accumulator, and possibly compressor and lines? If Black Death is present, I think I'd be forced to go aftermarket. If all I need now is the drier, orifice, and seals, I could go either way. Anyone want to ring in on the aftermarket parts from, say Rockauto? I've done replacement headlamps aftermarket and been happily surprised.


Just a follow up after the summer season. I went with the mid-range parts from Rockauto and it's been fine all year. I think it was about 40.00 for the accumulator, plus another 40.00 total for office tube, new seals, oil, and refridgerant. Coldest the air has been in quite some time, and still going strong.