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Aftermarket and stock parts for sale. adding to list as I take parts off truck.

Ok, so many of you know me and know that I've done a ton of mods to my rig over the years but now I'm in the process of doing the biggest mods to date. A SAS (solid axle swap) and complete drivetrain swap form an '89 F-250 (351w, C6, manual t-case with 37's on H1 double beadlocks so needless to say I have a lot of stuff coming off my rig. These are off a 1st gen ST but part should work on 2nd Gen Ex's as well.

Let's get started shall we. All items are + shipping unless marked, local pick up preferred but could meet somewhere depending on price of item and distance. I'll add pictures as well. Best offers will be listened to. I'm not working due to severe injury back in August so I need to pay bills, no income.

Random Tech stainless steel pre-cat delete Y-pipe: $250 sold

Random Tech stainless steel high flow Cat: $250 or both for $450 sold

Live Wires 8mm Red spark Plug wires (I might have extra wires have to search for them):$30 sold

MTX Thunderform Series enclosure with 10" Polk Audio MM1040 sub: $350 sold

K&N cone filter with aluminum CAI tubing from Ebay: sold

"new" never used PCV rubber elbow tube with elbows (two sets): $16each sold

Belt tensioner and pulley: $25 for both sold

4.0L Ranger/ ST A/C delete (part #705K6 or 710K6) which both are 70.5" long, factory ST belt is 86.5" long. I removed my complete A/C system and ran this belt.: $10 sold

4.0L Ignition Coil Pack "newer": $45 sold

4.0L MAF with 1,275 miles on it with complete housing for intake: $50 sold

Autolite Platinum AP104 spark plugs "new in package (4): $10 sold

Factory OEM Steel front bumper reinforcement (notched already for a 3" bodylift but will work without BL): scrapped

If anyone needs parts from the motor (unless marked as sold on list above), trans or t-case let me know and we can work out prices. I'd like to get the drivetrain out before the end of June. Motor, trans and t-case are still available for sale if you ant them complete minus parts already sold. All drivetrain parts sold

PM me for phone number and or address info if picking up locally and I'll get back to you.

For a second I thought you were selling your bumper for that cheap.. Then I read reinforcement and got sad. :p:

Parts are still for sale if anyone needs anything.