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Aftermarket backup cam

Thanks a lot!

Where did you buy your cam? Could you please show some Pics?:thumbsup:
Cam is cheap but the kenwood head unit was quite pricy and that is what actually is where wiring is coming from

Since the thread was brought back up I thought I'd share where I mounted my camera. I had intended to mount it above the license plate under the chrome strip there but space was tight and I couldn't get the big connection through the wiring harness at the top. So I looked around and chose this spot on the tab below the 7 pin trailer wiring connector that holds the aux 4 pin. I was worried about it being too low but that hasn't been an issue - visibility is great. Wiring was considerably easier with this location also.
It's also in a great location for hooking up a trailer - it's a real close up view.

BU Camera.JPG

finally found my license plate camera like josetorr has ^^^^ just haven't swapped it out yet

lol...didn't see original date...2014..