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Aftermarket Carpet


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February 17, 2006
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Atlanta, GA
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1997 Eddie Bauer
My 97 Exploder's carpet was sporting more than it's share of stains, so I decided to buy an aftermarket carpet kit.

I pulled out the entier interior (seats, center console, side moldings) and pulled out the OEM carpet. I can tell you that the aftermarket carpet suppliers claim factory quality carpet - which is basically true (colors don't quite match the OEM medium prairie tan but close) - however, what is sorely substandard is the quality of the carpet backing and molding into the belly pan shape.

The OEM carpet had a heavy rubberized backing that gave it a nice stiffness to conform to the belly pan topography. Also, the padding attached to the OEM piece was much thicker. Finally, the OEM carpet was form pressed to the exact layout and topography of the belly pan.

I was so disappointed in the construction of the aftermarket carpet that I spent 6 hours hand scrubbing and detailing the OEM carpet to an acceptable cleanliness and re-installed it. Looks great.

My $.02 - if your OEM carpet is stained, the best way to really clean it is to remove the interior and steam clean it or hand scrub it without seats/console in the way. the $250 I spent on the aftermarket carpet was wasted $$ IMO.

BTW, the carpet is for sale (complete front/rear for my 97 4 door EB). make me an offer somewhere north of $10 plus $30 s/h and it's yours.

Al Lydon
Atlanta, Ga

There are many different carpet kits available, it seems with them you get what you pay for is true.

I dont blame you for retaining the factory piece.
Can you tell us who's kit you were not happy with?