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Aftermarket Fog Grille?


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October 30, 2008
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I know they made billet grilles for the upper and lower grille, but do you know of anyone who sells any type of aftermarket fog light grille? (see photo below of what im looking to find..)

I do have the factory fog lights and in particular, its the plastic grille peice that surrounds it. I know they make a billet grille for the fog lights, but does anyone know of any place that sells grille that go around the fog light, and not just cover it up?

I saw an Explorer on who had these nice aftermarket fog light grilles.
Im interested!


Cant say i do. Would look pretty neat tho!

But theres always the crafty route.
Buy another grille n make her fit in the fog spot. Haha :D:D:D

I think he just cut it out?

I think he just cut it out?

Yeah. It looks like he cut out the excess plastic and painted it to match his X.

Really crafty and looks awesome.