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Aftermarket gauges


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July 21, 2001
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'97 Sport
Does anyone have any pictures of where they installed aftermarket gauges in their X's?

I am planning on adding a transmission temperature gauge. What about the gauge pods for the a-pillars?


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that sounds like a good idea, a transmission temp gauge (considering i just bought a new tranny cooler.) id like to see where you guys mount the gauges too. ive seen some on the a-pillar, but is there anywhere else?

Mine are mounted in the center console with an Autometer bracket. Cameron has some pics of his Apillar pod somewhere, try searching the site for "Cameron" and "gauges".


BTW, Tbomb, sorry I haven't emailed you, but I've been busy. I got the lights and hopefully will mount them soon. Nice doin' bidness with ya!

holy crap, alec! havent talked to you in a while, i thought maybe you got locked up or something, heh. good, i hope you like the lights.

your gauges look really cool over there, but i actually use those little storage cubbies, id hate to sacrifice one of them for just one gauge, and i really dont want any other gauges (cept maybe a boost gauge, and the only problem with that is i can afford the boost gauge, but not what i would hook it up to.) maybe ill just go with an a-pillar gauge, theyre cheap & theyre easy to do.

Hey dude I have a a pillar dual guage pod from autometer im selling. $10 bucks + shipping and its yours. all it is is the pod in the box. no of the little plastic pops that hold it in place (they were cheap so I used a screw with a nut. Email me if interested.

Damn, I seriously was going to make this exact post, I've been thinking about it the entire way to work. Does anyone make a single guage holder for the A Pillar? Where can I get these? Kragen, Chiefs, Pep Boys, Napa, Summit? I'm going to put the trans temp guage in there also. What temp range are you guys getting? My father said he put a 400 degree max in his motorhome and says it's a waste and that he should have got a 300 degree max. That's what I'm going to get is one with a 300 degree max temp.