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Aftermarket grill guards


February 3, 2008
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07 xlt
I'm looking for pictures of all the grill guards that available for our explorers. I haven't been able to find too much on google or on here.

If someone could tell me the brands that make them as well that would be helpful, or if you want to post pictures, go ahead :)

I have an 07 xlt.

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I haven't been able to find any pics either. Although I have seen plenty of grill guards online.

Aries makes a really nice looking bull bar for the 06-07 explorer. I has a skid plate on it and holes to mount aftermarket lights. The holes have plugs in them if you don't want to mount more lights. It comes in black and a Stainless Steel that looks sharp with the Explorer grill. I am almost positiv that I saw a full grill guard in their catalogue too. Another thing that I have to convince the wife that we "need".

awesome, do you have a link to their page or catalog?

(dead link)

Part 3059 black, 3059-2 chrome = Grill Guard

B35-3005 = Chrome bullbar

Hunter grill guards are great. I have one on my '06 Explorer XLT. Great product-stainless steel and pretty cheap for what you get (under $300).

Nice picture 04. Just curious which brand you went with and if you are happy with it.

mine was custom made by a company called hunter trucks. They sell for around $270 w/ shipping. It is very heavy duty and very happy w/ it. It also has predrilled holes for headlights in front of the grill.

I have a hunter too and it looks just like 04's except mine is stainless steel. Think mine cost the same too around $280 or so. Great looking grill guard.

thanks guys! I've wondered about the Hunter ones as they are pretty cheap in price. Glad to hear they have positive feedback. Heard on some discussion boards for all trucks that sometimes they are hard to install and the support they provide in helping to install is next to nothing. Figure I could get past that part ok, but if I have all this trouble to install something that isn't so good to start out with, I wouldn't be such a happy camper. Looks like I'll go with Hunter now!

yes, its true that hunter does not provide very detailed instructions or help, but a grill guard is a very basic install as there is no way to installl it wrong.

Right I agree with 04 it wasnt hard to install at all. Took an hour tops...

I just looked at Hunter's website and looks like they only offer these up to '05. I just now got around to looking again and Aries seem to be running about 220-300 bucks and Westin is plenty more. Is there even a real difference in quality - or is it just the name?

07 mountaineer

Does anyone know if the grille gaurd for the 07 explorer will fit the mountaineer as well???

I just ordered a Waag front bar and it is a very high quality unit and it fits great and looks great. Takes a few hours to put on and cut out your spoiler and splash guard to make room for the guard. I did not do the headlight guards to save on weight.

Well I finally bought/installed the Aries bull bar. $258 shipped from speedycarparts. Looks good - it's pretty big though. Install wasn't too bad, the directions they give you suck. The directions say to remove the front valence - however i reinstalled mine after cutting notches out to fit around the mounting brackets. Not the easiest thing to cut but I got the job done.

I will try and take pictures as soon as I can and post them up. Thinking about the possibility of putting lights in, but not sure yet.

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I just installed a Steelcraft Bull Bar (Part # 71060) on my 07 Ex EB. Installation was pretty much a piece of cake, maybe 45 minutes, 1-person job, despite the less than adequate instruction. I removed the plastic shield and lower valance, rather than notch them. The skid plate is removable and seems to be a little flimsy. For those for us requiring a front license plate: it does NOT come with a bracket (I didn't see any option either!). Overall fit was perfect.



Side view showing the clearance between bar and grille/bumper:

Mounting bracket (driver side):

The bar can be adjusted somewhat front to back (mounting slots). The side view picture shows the bar pushed in as far as it goes, I'm guessing you have about 1/2" room to play: