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Aftermarket Headlight Bulbs

Sorry if this might duplicate another post a bit.

I'm looking to replace my Low Beam, High Beam, and Fog Lights with brighter bulbs for better night time vision on my 2005 Explorer.

I've been looking around, and there seem to be multiple options.

I'm looking at:


EiKO's ClearVision Supreme

Hella's Halogen Bulb Off Road Use from Amazon

Has anyone used/tried any of these.
Any recommendations?

Hipro's seem rather low cost, which is usually a red flag.

With the EiKO's it look like I can keep the stock wiring harness.

Which brings another questions, these "upgrade harnesses with ceramic".
Are they needed? Or don't they do anything?

Thanks All.


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i used silver stars work awsome and realy bright

I would not recommend either of those. The HID wannabes will look and perform nothing like HIDs. They are terrible in the rain. Without uprgrading your wiring, the Hellas could cause a meltdown. I recommend HIRs (not HIDs) for stock housings. They have them for the highs & lows but not the fog. Search for HIR1 & HIR2. Amazon seems to have good pricing on them.

I've also got the silverstars, love them, mine were like 19.99 a piece for the 9007

I will put in a vote for Philips X-treme Power Bulbs :thumbsup:

Has won Product of the Year a few times on

I have a set awaiting installation, along with new OEM headlights, someday...

I have a set in some OEM JDM headlights on my Paseo. HUGE improvement over the older Sylvania Silverstars they replaced.

Decided to save up for the EiKO's.

They have bulbs for the High/Low & Fog lights, so everything should be the same color temp/look.

Thanks all,

The EiKO's are just another "HID look" bulb. EiKO is also well known as a third-rate lighting company.

If you really want better night time vision, as in more light on the road, then you would do well to stick with a limited number of options.

There are a few stock replacement halogen bulbs that give more output, namely the Sylvania XtraVision and Philips Hi-Visibility. The Philips X-treme Power does have even more output, but usually at the expense of bulb life, and they also cost more than the Hi-Visibility bulbs, making them even less worth it.

If you can get HIRs (not HIDs), those would be even better, though they are also pricey, but they would work just like any other plug-in stock bulb.

I would say to generally avoid anything by EiKO, or any blue-coated "HID" bulb like Silverstars that claims to offer "whiter, brighter light".

I use sylvania xtra vision in my headlights and Hella Yellow stars in my fogs. The Yellow Star makes a selective yellow light, which is pretty nice for fogs IMO.