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Aftermarket mirror review for 00' Explorer


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February 21, 2002
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2000 Sport
Name of Manufacturer: Replacement
Model of mirror: FD35EL or FO1320158 (different sellers use different #)
<10MB DL - read below>
<To keep the quality of the photos good enough the file ended up 10MB, sorry. It's been virus scanned by 'NOD32 eset' so you can DL without concern.>


I decided to post this to help anyone that might be in the same situation as I or if they just want to know information about replacement products.

I had a broken drivers mirror I needed to replace. So I went looking for a decent aftermarket OEM replacement. I decided to buy one from eBay after emailing the company selling it to find out just which aftermarket brand they sell as some are better quality than others.

The mirror I received was not only a different brand. I considered it to be of very poor quality. It seems to me that they could be selling 'blemished' or 'rejects' units as the unit I received was not even consistent in its own finish and texture let alone made the same way a quality OEM replacement mirror would be.

I can't post photos so I zipped all the photos I took and put them on a hosting site that has decent DL speed (100+Kb/sec DL)

The photos have captions and points out all the issues I see with the mirror assembly.

If an elite member or moderator wants to redo the post and add the photos feel free to do so.

Also, in case anyone wanted to know about the seller I bought from see below.

Ebay Seller ID: allnewparts
eBay store:
Product Bought:

The seller said in a reply email asking what brand they sell that they are shipping TYC mirrors. TYC Genera is a better brand OEM replacement. What I was sent was the 'Replacement' brand mirror as can be seen from Rock Auto's "Economy Line' part.,carcode,1362440,parttype,1304
Click their 'more info' link by the mirrors to see their description of the 'quality' of their replacement mirrors. TYC is listed as one of the better quality brands.

CONCLUSION: -my opinion-
[FONT=&quot]So lesson learned, you get what you pay for. I feel I was lied to for making a sale. I consider it misrepresentation of product. Since it would end up just costing me more to deal with them as they make the customer pay all shipping charges both ways, as well as the fact they were already dishonest once with me. I'll cut my lose and use this mirror until I can find a quality affordable replacement.

[/FONT]If anyone has knowledge of a quality mirror product they have bought or have access to and want to pass that information onto me and our fellow Explorer fans please do so!

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Wow Great info; I have been looking at those replacements on E Bay for awhile now, and something was telling me it was too good to be true. Guess I'll go to the wrecker and buy one. Better to have a "real" Ford part.
Thanks again

Glad I could help :).

Makes it worth it when the information helps other Explorer fans!

I sure would like to know what Rock Auto's 'VARIOUS MFR' mirrors look like in comparison to the one I bought.


I installed the mirror (had to paint it and let it dry overnight)

The mirror doesn't adjust up high enough the mechanical design is flawed.

The mirror vibrates going down the road and especially at idle. The old mirror and the currently installed factory passenger mirror was rock solid.

So now I get a constantly shaky image on a mirror that doesn't adjust properly.

And of course the eBay seller says this is a 'quality product'

Don't buy the mirror I posted. I guarantee you will not be happy with it.

I bought a driver side mirror from allnewparts on ebay and it looked liked the one in Sporter's photo. It vibrates at idle, lacks the range of movement and the up/down control works backwards. But it sure was cheap.

I wonder if there is a supplier with higher quality but still le$$ than the dealer.

David -- I know Rock Auto sells other brands. I have never seen their 'various' brands over their 'economy brand' which I believe is this mirror I've posted. Rock Auto I think gives a discount to Forum members. Something I wish I knew before buying the mirror I did.

If anyone has bought the Rock Auto 'various brand' mirrors please post your thoughts and satisfaction about the unit.