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Aftermarket non factory replacement radiator


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August 11, 2012
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canyon tx
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96 explorer 5.0 4x4 5spd
So has any one done this? I'm tired of the crappy plastic tanks and I'm looking at going with a full aluminum radiator.

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Ok so I got me a race radiator full aluminum I will be installing it Sunday and will do my write up on it here with pics.

All right so it's done and here's what I did.

After pulling the old radiator I made brackets and used zip tise to mount and hold the a/c condenser, then I welded a piced of 2"x1" square toobing on to the bottom of the frame to mount the new radiator to. After that I made to strap like brackets to mount the top, I was able to use the factory top hose with some trimming but had to make a custom bottom hose. The new radiator is 19"h by 27"w dual core full aluminum race radiator.


What about the cooling characteristics? I'm sure the aluminum one will be much more reliable, but I assume it will make the engine run much cooler. Won't that mess with operating temps and all that? Or I could be completely FOS.

Chef Duane

So far it's bin fine it dose cool better but don't forget there is the thermostat that helps keep the engine at a certain temp. I have noticed my temp gauge reads cooler than before but the heater blows as hot as ever.

Where the beadle sits on the temp gauge in the pic above is as far as it goes.