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aftermarket Stereo harness help


January 27, 2011
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Ok so I'm ordering a Metra stereo harness for an aftermarket Pioneer double din. I have the AM/FM single cd and cassette stereo in my 2002 Sport Trac. Do I need the 70-1771 Metra or teh 70-5517. I ordered the 5517 but now am fearing that it is wrong. Thanks for the help in advance

You should be OK, the 5517 shows the 16ping plug (power, speakers) and a 8pin sub woofer plug (actually only 4 wires are used here).

Ok thanks, well now Amazon has the Metra plug on backorder and it is going to take too long! Can't I get the correct wiring harness at Wally World? Since I don't have the upgraded stereo do I just need the old 4 speaker ford plug?