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Aftermarkjet Radio illumination


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March 3, 2009
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Oklahoma City, OKlahoma
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'99 Explorer Sport
Okay so the current radio I have has an illumination wire, though I'm not exactly sure which of the two wires I have to connect to it. Anyone know? if it makes a difference I have a Pioneer DEH-P8600MP

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To control with the dimmer switch. One will be the ground.

You don't necessarily have to connect illumination/dimmer wires.. I never have and it makes no difference..

I know just thought it'd be cool

I think the deal is, illumination wires are specifically for stock decks where they do serve a purpose, but it's just a redundant wire w/ an aftermarket stereo.. The dimmer wire could possibly serve a purpose (if it does even work with the new deck), by dimming the stereo when the headlights are on, but I like my deck nice and bright at night.