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Air bag light (code 37) mot failure?


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May 26, 2011
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1999 north face
Hi, Not been on here for a while as the car be running great until the Mot, today. Everything went through until the air bag light would not go out ( been playing up for a few months). The garage said not to worry they could reset it, but today they couldn't it It came up with the code 37 which I can not seem to find it on the list on this forum. The garage suggested I needed a new passenger seat ( v reg northface beige seats). thought this was a little drastic. Does anybody have a different view on this? many thanks in advance Gary

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I have read that sometimes airbag lights can be sored by cleaning the connections under the seats. Unplug, spray with contact cleaners and plug back in and out a couple of times. Then reset the light. Worked on a mates fiat

Also watch this

Also found this
:feedback: My airbag blinks. The Code Is 37.. What Could It Be????


punmaster711-29-2006, 08:42 PM
My '99 XLT has flashed this code before. It appears that in '99 (2000 may also be that way), Ford may have intended to have side airbags either standard or as an option, so they included it in the wiring harness and airbag electronics. What the truth is, I don't know for sure:screwy: , but on my '99, there is a terminator of sorts under each of the front seats. It is a yellow coupler that is attached under the seat with one of those PIA push pins with the ribs on. If you can unlock the snap lock, you can pull the wire connector from the "terminator" and reconnect it (the terminator itself is attached on the seat frame). Code 36 is the driver's side, code 37 is the passenger side. Turn the ignition off and back on to reset the ABS and wait to see if the code flashes again. Mine started with the passenger side and I got that corrected. The driver side has proven to be more difficult to correct and I don't know why. I tried a dielectric grease (used to prevent corrosion between unlike metals) in these connectors and it seems to have fixed the passenger side plug.
As I said, I'm not sure why the connectors are there. I'm not aware of side airbags being an option in either 1999 or 2000, even in the Limited or EB models. I just know they can be a pain:banghead: . If anybody knows of a better fix, let me know!
Good luck.


I can't advise on your fault other than as has been suggested to check the seat connectors as that is what 37 seems to refer to.

I would like to thank you for the reminder though! My MOT is booked for tomorrow and my airbag light has been on for years. It was always an advisory but of course now it is a FAIL!
Due to limited time I have built a little timer circuit for the airbag light. It stays on for about 2 or 3 seconds which is shorter than it should be but it may satisfy the tester! We will see...


yeah, had the exact same problem with mine and opening the little two pin, yellow connector at the back of the drivers seat, cleaning with a bit of WD40 sorted the problem.

Be mindful though of the safety precautions you need to follow when doing anything involving the airbag system.

yellow connectors

My garage had made a big **** up, they tried fixing air bag light but in their wisdom they cut off the old connectors and then tried replacing them with new other ford connectors not knowing there was a resistor in the old connectors, which they have now disposed of. I got the part no. from this forum, and gave all the details to them. They rang Bussey's the local ford garage and they put them on a back order. This was 5 days ago, rang the garage to chase yesterday, they chased Bussey's. Guess what, they don't have a delivery date at all? so all other work done for the mot, just their **** up is stopping it from passing. The mot has now ran out.

XL1Z-14B022-AA Ford calls it "one resistor"
B 1998 Passenger side airbag circuit shorted or resistance high

So can anyone help me source another set of connectors.

Many thanks again in advance Gary

I think the resistor pack is only required if the side airbag is not fitted, it basically fools the srs system into thinking there is an airbag there. It plugs into the yellow connector instead of the side airbag.

Hi chaps

any one find a cheap OBD2 reset tool for this .

I have just failed MOT also

blown fuse , and code 12 changed fuse
now code 52 needs reset,

have tried the key cycling stuff .. no joy

ideas please

ok I reset code 52

got an Autel EU702 code reader off ebay

downloaded the ford file from

very easy once you have the file installed

can do transmission , airbag and engine codes

havent had time to havae a proper play yet , just reset the AB light

fault description said " short to ground air bag circuit ... "

selected delete and is gone

software instuctions

new MOT today

My air bag light has been on for a couple of years. always passes mot, no advisories either