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Air bag light code b2295


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June 25, 2015
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2006 Explorer
I have a 2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer with a air bag code B2295 coming up when I scan the computer. I have cleaned the yellow connectors under the drivers seat and passenger seat. The light still stays on sometimes it go's out but then comes back on. I took it to the shop and they said they found low resistance between the plug. They cleaned the plug up and secured so it don't move it stay out for 3 weeks and came right back on. I have read countless hours of forums and still hear the dealerships replacing part after part but the light comes back on. Is there anybody that has the fix to this issue please any help would be great.

You can't do this test by your own, unless you have a ford vcm ids scantool to retrieve ford PID's. It is the side air bag that is sending wrong signal to air bag sys module. And there is no way you can tell which side it is at fault. Bring it to someone who have professional scantool.