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Air conditioner evaporator, ouch!


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December 21, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
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2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer
First it was my transmission, now the air, woohoo. Here's the deal:

Local Ford dealer wants $1160 to fix the air
Pep Boys $1250

Ford has the vehicle right now, says it's the evaporator. Any suggestions? Should I look elsewhere or are these 2 quotes fair game for an evap replacement? Thanks!

Look elsewhere! had mine repaired for $600 by a local repair shop, inlcuding recharge, leak test, etc.

That's way too much! you could swap the engine with that LOL, I paid like 200 labor + 60 parts (condenser, ebay) for my 97 sport
and 300 total for my 02 (don't know what the issue was, the car lot where I bought it handled it, told them I won't buy it if the AC is busted)