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air filter....


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May 10, 2001
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san rafael, CA
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'95 sport, 90gt
ok.. i have a 95 sport and i was looking at the stock air box (the one with the cone filter) and thinking about replaceing it. but... i dont realy want to pay 100 dollars for a filter kit. i can buy a filter like that for 20 dollars down at kraigen or elsewhere. so i was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the boot in wich the MAS and filter sit in and a way to attatch the filter to the MAS without buyin the $100 kit. and advice?

There are a couple of things you can do that dont cost too much.
Start out with a K & N filter. Than either enlarge the hole that the air enters the box or pinch down the retaining ring on the MAS/filter holder put the filter on and remove the air box.
I chose to enlarge the air opening cause I wanted cooler air than you get from it just being open under the hood.
Dead Link RemovedI also ran aluminum 4" dryer vent hose from openings in the air dam to the opening for the air intake behind the headlight.
Dead Link Removed
I dont know how much difference this has made but its supposed to be good.
Hope this helps some......