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Air only comes out of the dashboard vents. Help. :-(


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December 25, 2014
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2005 Explorer V6 4.0
Whether its hot or cold, the air will only flow out of the vents in the dashboard.

No defroster, no feet.

Any common issues/problems which may be causing this?

I found a thread in which someone had removed their entire dashboard to fix a similar issue. No thank you.

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Ok so, yah, I also have the disconnected/broken piece to the vent door.

Now I just have to figure out which method is best to "rig" it.

Some observations:

1). Air constantly blows out of the lower/feet vents regardless of which direction you choose.

2). The motor/arm/actuator which controls the vent door only has two positions: fully extended or fully retracted, thats it, regardless of which selection you choose. If you turn the selector to the right, air will exit from the top and bottom. If you turn it to the left, air will exit from the dash and bottom.

3). The actuator/motor itself was making squeaky noises. I hope it doesnt fail. :-(





This actually just happened to me last month. I saw the broken tab on the floor but didn't kno what it was from. Good thing I didn't throw it away.
Then I opened the glove box and saw what was broke.
Do they sell just that plastic piece cause glue will not hold that.
It needs to be plastic welded or something really strong!

The only way Ford sells that part is with the whole plenum. P/N 4L2Z-19850-EC. You'll have to pull the dash to do the job as well.