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Air Silencer Removal


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March 8, 2000
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'93 Eddie Bauer, '98 XLT
When removing the air silencer, what do you do with the hose coming off of the exhaust manifold? Do you plug it, leave it open or what? I already have the K&N filter and I wanted to see if I could get any more performance with the silencer removed. If this works, I also plan to make an aluminum adaptor for a K&N cone filter to bolt up to the air silencer. Either way I need to know what to do with the hose. Any help would be appreciated.

what is the air silencer? and where is it?

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The air silencer is the plastic intake tube that brings the air into the lower half of the airbox. It is located under the battery tray and connects to the airbox right below the MAF Meter.