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Airbag DTC B2293-E0

Paul Fithian

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October 12, 2016
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Long Beach, IN
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2007 Job 1 RWD V8 Limited
I obtained an adapter and FORscan to troubleshoot an airbag light on my 2007 Explorer Sport Trac. It shows B2293-E0 error, but no further infomation on what specific item is causing the fault.


I then had Forscan log resistance values of devices in the air bag system and it showed this:

From AllData, I find this breakdown of B2293 faults, but -E0 is not on the list

Is Driver air bag high resistance causing this fault? Any other advice to resolve this airbag fault?

seems like bag 2 resistance is up way high, iirc not supposed to be that high. but not 100% sure.

Happy to report that I have this airbag fault fixed and wanted to share what it took to resolve.

I visited our local Ford dealer, they were most helpful. With their scanner, it found B2293-21: Air Bag Circuit Open – Loop No. 2, Front Driver Side.
Ford Diagnosis Screenshot2.jpg

This great video shows the level of detail that the Ford dealer scanner can reveal:

Next, I followed ALLDATA procedures which suggested use of 3 OTC 418-F395 resistors to plug into the airbag connectors, fault remained.
Driver Air Bag Connected Resistors.jpg

I was able to verify this by checking resistance of each connector at the airbag, all registered 2.3 ohms, so this airbag is not causing the fault. Resistance checking of the airbag can be safely done as shown here:
Driver Air Bag Resistance Check.jpg

I then ran ALLDATA pinpoint tests to determine that the clockspring was defective:
Pinpoint Tests H24-25.jpg
Pinpoint Tests H26-27.jpg

Airbag circuit pinpoint testing.jpg

All of these tests indicated error was from a bad clockspring. Two different clocksprings sourced from ebay showed open circuit or high resistance on CR102 & RR102 as received and did not resolve the fault.
Clockspring resistance tests.jpg

Defective clocksprings.jpg

I acquired a third clocksping from our local O'Reilly's, Dorman 525-246. It had the same labeling and mold markings as the ebay ones above and for sure was made in the same Chinese factory. It also showed the same 1.3 ohm resistance on these circuits and did not resolve the fault when connected.

I acquired a Ford 8L2Z-14A664-B clockspring, installed it, and no longer have an airbag fault on the truck.
Ford 8L2Z-14A664-B clockspring label.jpg