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Airbag flash code 41, how to clear ?


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February 4, 2009
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'96 XLT
I am struggeling with the 41 (RH primary crash sensor feed/Return) flash code on my airbag in my '96 Explorer 4.0-
I have replaced the crash sensor with another used one, will the flash code disappear when the problem is solved, or does it need to be cleared from memory manually, if so, how ?

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Remove the bezel around the radio. Behind it you will see a 2 wire connector just clipped to the back of the bezel. With a bent paper clip, short the 2 wires until you hear a chime/beep (about 10 seconds).


Couldn't find any Connector behind the radio, neither around the airbag module on the bottom of the A-pillar passenger side, and neither at A pillar driver side.
Also tried to locate the airbag diagnostic monitor, but no Luck.
Any advice ?

Hmmm, 2 wires go into a white connector which doesn't connect to anything...sitting in the drivers seat, facing the radio bezel, if you remove the 2 screws and pull it off it should be clipped to the backside on the left...if for some reason its not there you might have to fish around...memory seems to think the wires were brown and black,it's there somewhere


I have removed the bezel, but can't find anything else but radio wiring, and the wiring to the switches mounted on the bezel.

I have removed the bezel, but can't find anything else but radio wiring, and the wiring to the switches mounted on the bezel.

Reading this post with interest, though I have no need to locate the airbag wires. That being said, I have had my radio bezel of any number of times. The only wires I have seen are the wires attached to the switches on the bezel, and the radio wires. Airbag lights light as they should. It is my understanding that Ford, or maybe a high end body shop, is the only place able to reset the airbag module, if that is what you are needing to do. A friend just wrecked his 02 F150. Insurance totaled it because the airbags deployed. The most expensive part of the repair was the airbags. Hope this will help you.

I took a picture but don't know how to post it to the board-assistance please?


You need to upload Picture to, or similar, or you could email me.

I am not trying to reset the module, only clearing the codes, to see if there still are any codes present after repair.

After searching, I found this thread
but I can't find the Connector any of these Places.

Have thoroughly inspected Picture from bill06447, but my car has no Connector behind the radio bezel. This is really frustrating, any other suggestions and help would be much appreciated.

A few photos to show what I have.
The first is of the airbag Control module, located at the bottom of the A pillar passenger side, and as you see, no connectors or wires available.


Second picture is from behind the glove compartment, this is a connecter that I believe is used to bypass the passenger airbag in case of use of child seat, can anyone confirm this ?


The last Picture is from the bottom of the A pillar, driver side. This is a Connector With a plastic cover, for diagnosis ? Maybe the airbag ?
Anyone ?


My understanding is that all of the related air bag connectors, wires, etc are yellow. Wires themselves are not, but connectors, wires coves, etc are yellow. My '97 EB has a connector behind the radio bezel not attached to anything; mine is a 2WD, always assumed that connector was for the 4WD switch I did not have. Good luck.