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Airbag Sensor Help


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March 24, 2013
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2004 Mountaineer Premier
2004 Mercury Mountaineer Premium AWD 4.6L (with Side Curtain Airbags)

About a week ago the airbag light started blinking. It is blinking what I believe is Code 42 (blinks 4 times, pause, blinks twice) based on what I have read on these forums. I found an old thread about the Code 42 and it listed that the Driver Airbag Crash Sensor that is causing this code is located at the bottom of the B-Pillar. I took it apart and found this sensor but it looks brand new as it is inside the vehicle, out of the elements.

However, the front sensor on the vehicle (front center of bumper) is corroded very badly (NE Ohio winters are brutal on vehicles). Will that sensor give the same Code 42 or only the one in the B-pillar?

Are these sensors the same or are they different as one travels at a 90 degree angle to the other?

Anything that I am missing here as I don't want to buy the sensor for the B-pillar and have be the other one.


SRS code 42 (B2296) Restraint System — Impact Sensor Status (Front Impact Severity Sensor Circuit Fault)

its most likely the front sensor on the bumper