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mesa 33

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August 14, 2005
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'98 xlt
Ok so i did a body lift on my truck last year around march and after i did it my airbag light came on. Looked that up and found and think its the sensor under the seat, so i just left it alone and the light stayed on. Now last night it was on, parked got out, got back in about two hours later. Airbag light didnt come on but now theres the beeping noise comig from the passanger side. I know when u dont have the fuse in itll beep but the fuse is in and its beeping and i didnt do anything to it. Anybody have any ideas on wut could have happened?

It means that there is a fault code stored and the bulb has burnt out. Replace the bulb and it'll start flashing again.


Ok thanks kinda figured that it would be that since i havent touched anything to try n fix it. thanks again