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ajusting gains


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March 21, 2003
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i have a 500.1 watt bazooka amp and an infinity referance sub in a ported box. The infinity seems to liek the power, but i dont really know how to adjust the db gain, and the bass boost and the other one it had. Right now i have the db gain low, and the power and bass boost like 3/4. I dont wanan mess ne rthing up so hopw do u adjust them properly. Also my amp seems to get really hott and it shuts itself off after like 30 minutes of bumpin, wut is a goodf way to cool it


alright, im not sure why anyone didnt reply before this, you might already have the answer......but here it goes, if you dont have any expensive testing equipment around then you could try, bass boost at 0, turn your HU up to max (or what the max would be if you listened to it), and slowly turn the gain up and when the sub distorts ( if the sub starts bottoming out, sounds too muddy, or just plain doesnt sound right....). at this point back off the gain just a tad, and its pretty much set.

once you got that set, at the same volume, adjust the bass know to where it doesnt get too muddy.....remember this is at max volume and probably wont be everyday listening level.....

if you do it this way, its not 100% accurate, but it will save the life of your amp and sub......

the amp cuts out b/c the gains are set too high.....

hope it helps,