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AL4d to c-4?


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January 13, 2000
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94 XLT 2wd
I've been looking at a lot of prerunner rangers with the 4.0. I've been noticeing that alot of them have a c-4 tranny. I've also scene some bellhousing for sale that will work with the 4.0. ANy ideas on this? I would think since you could use the c-4 couldnt you really use the c-6 since its a better version of the c-4? I have a 2wd so i'm not worried about the transfer case. Would i have to do something with the stock computer to make this work?

94 2wd
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February 24, 2000
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Brian, Check with and they both have alot of information on this type of swap. I know that the C4 with the right adapters will bolt right into your explorer. I am not sure about the C6 however. Either way you will have to go with a transmission that is not computer controlled (unless you want to spend the money for all the wiring harnesses and the computer). You can usually get a C4 in fairly good condition for about $400 if you know where to look. Good luck!