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Alert! BLM closes Calif and Arizona Areas


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November 3, 1999
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94 4X4 XLT 4 Door
I got this as an e-mail form a friend who races.

BLM at it again!

This is only the beginning....Barstow and Glamis are on the chopping block as well as several places all over the country. This directly affects anyone that likes to go out onto public land and do anything other than hike during the day...

'This is NOT the dunes but the end is nearing faster than anybody thinks !!! Date: 10/3/0 1:07 PM From: TCook SITUATION The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced a Closure to Camping and Motor Vehicle Access in Yuma County, Arizona, and Imperial County, CA effective October 15, 2000 All motor vehicle access is prohibited and public use is limited to daylight hours only in the area identified as the Protection and Security Zone of Laguna Dam. Maps of this area are available at the Yuma Field Office, 2555 Gila Ridge Road, Yuma, Arizona. This closure to motor vehicle traffic use and limitation on public use shall apply to all persons and shall remain in effect until further notice. Violation of this regulation is punishable by a fine not to exceed $100,000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 12 months. Vehicles found in violation of this closure notice are subject to being towed at the owners expense.

WHAT TO DO Contact the Yuma Field Office, the National BLM office and your federal elected officials and tell them in short, polite and concise terms how you are outraged at the American public being thrown off of public land without recourse or public input. Tell them that you are tired of officials charged with the care of public land that would bow to anti-access extremists pressure and close this land.

Print this notice and distribute it at local motorcycle shops, and among all motorcycle & ATV riders and encourage them to provide comment as well. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT Mark Lowans, Yuma Field Office, 2555 Gila Ridge Road, Yuma, Arizona 85365 (520) 317-3210. '