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alexs 965.0 d44/9inch with a 4406 swap

well i bought another 5.0 and this one is a 96, it has a blown trans, i picked it up for 400 bucks. and long story short have know the driveline of the truck since it was new. my grandparents bought it new, sold it to dad, dad sold it to buddy. i bought the body with no motor and swapped the motor/trans/tcase in the better body sold it to him for a grand and bought it back now 4 months later for 400 bucks. id say its a good deal.

any wase i have a 78 bronco thats getting one tons and i figured i would use the 44/9inch combo. they have lockers now with 3.73s detroit rear and lock rite front. i plan on doing 4.88s or 5.13s not to sure on tire size just yet depends on what i can afford. i have an electric 4406 and have been doing my homework on the swap and think i have what ill need to do it. id much rather have a manual shift but i have the electric one already.

im thinking on a 4 link front with a 6 inch bronco superflex coil not sure how stiff it will be so that might change.
thats about it for now. i will get pics up soon. hope to start in a week or so and have the axles in while the trans is being built.