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Alignment after lift???


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August 21, 2001
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1997 Land Rover Disco
I have the skyjacker 2" susp lift. When I put in the new coils in the front, how much does it change the alignment? I forget if it is camber or caster for the way the springs affect the alignment. I forget which is which. Anyway, Is it o.k. for me to drive this for a while. I know my (camber or caster which ever it was) alignment is set to zero, so I should be O.K. till I get it on the rack, right? Or do I even need to get it aligned?


Usually it's a good idea to get an alignment with any lift or lower. However, I don't have experience with that lift, so I can't tell you for sure.

I just put this lift on mine not to long ago and it does put your tires at a pretty good angle. They will not last long like that. I can't really see any other downfall to not getting it aligned right away. New camber bushings will be required, the alignment shop had mine in stock. The total cost of alignment was $115.