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alignment suggestions?


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March 15, 2008
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So the guy who installed my brake lines for me (certified cheap mechanic; friend) said that it was an alignment; was why it was pulling to one direction. So my question is, do 4x4s get front, rear or both alignments?

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Usually there isn't anything to align in the rear with a solid axle, but you should get all 4 wheels checked to make sure the rears are pointed forward. They should only charge for front alignment though.

theres a slim chance that you need your rear wheels aligned

When I have mine aligned (granted it's a 2wd), they make sure that the rear wheels are the same distance apart from the middle, and also that they're inline with the front wheels.. I believe that's what the mirrors they put on the rims are for.

But if it's pulling to one side, it could be a number of things. Could be suspension related, like a lowerballjoint, or something brake related.

Either way, an alignment wouldn't hurt.

i know its pulling has gotten worse, it started last year as a small pull to the right, now its a HUGE pull to the right! also black sheep josh, i posted another post about a rub, could one of those other hundreds of things be the rubbing?!?

Tires that are unevenly worn can cause the pulling, even if you've recently had an alignment. Also check to make sure all 4 tires are the exact same dimensions, they should also be the same manufacturer and tread pattern. Worn ball joints, tie-rod ends and RAB's can also be the culprits.

all the same size tires however on the two front tires ONLY they have white rub lines on the inner side edge

edit: i turned the wheels to one side, looked under, there is no rubbing, turned it the other way looked again, no rubbing.

The front end can be adjusted for toe (tie rods) and camber (upper ball joint camber bushing) but there is nothing to align with a rear 8.8 solid axle. A shop could certainly check it using equipment, but there is no way to adjust the rear end.