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All black Sport Trac w/33s & billet grill


If this pic came out, This is my all black Sport Trac with 33x11.5,TT & shackle & billet grill.


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Very SWEET!!!

Whoa! I like I like!! :) It's a sharp lookin truck! What other mods are planned?
Thanks and keep up the work!

I think if I were to get a new truck, the Sport Trac(insert 4" lift here) would be my choice. Love that setup.

Also, what happened to the 2 driving lights that were present on the first pic that were mounted on the pushbar?

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Great looking ride, the monochromatic black looks tuff. like a grand national on steroids. what kind of tires do u have? how much trouble was it to paint the grey moldings black?

Yeah, I want to know what kind of tires you have also, and how you got 33's to fit. Did you lift it or what. Otherwise it's great looking. Wow is about all I can say.

That my friends is that way a Sport Trac is supposed to look.



Sweet looking truck!!!! I'm starting to love the Sport Trac more and more, everytime i see one lifted.


Just thought I'd respond to a few of the posts--First, Thanks for the responses!Now concerning mods: I suppose next item will be a cat-back system for dual exhaust,If I can find somethin'that isn't TOO loud (being that it's a V6) And I'll probably chip the thing here in the next few months,OR if I wake up someday and magicly start crappin dollar bills---I'd love to get a supercharger.Regarding painting the grey cladding black,It took some time to prep it correctly but was worth it.I used the bumper paint & adhesion promoter made for the plastic,flexible bumpers.It has held up very well through road salt,slush,chemical Hi-Way Anti-freeze,etc.And concerning the KC lights that were not in the second pic,I F'd them up-I had them hooked up to a remote swith on my keychain & evidently turned them on & left them on for hours (with the covers on) It melted the covers right into the rubber seals on the lights--Man, what a mess!------Again, Thanks for the responses,This is a hell of a nice site & BTW you guys have some kick-a## rides!
Later,Mike (shabbadoobie)

Wow, that looks really really awesome

nice truck, shabba. welcome to the site!

Quote from Cartman: "SWEET!"

what kind of tires are those and what size are they?

ST tires

The tires are Bridgestone A/T 285x75-16 (32.9x11.2) A very close fit, But with the Torsion/Shackle lift there is very little rubbing (on the inner fenderwell,Not on the body etc.) Thanks again for the posts.


shabbadoobie-Please email me, I would like to get some part numbers from you regarding the paint and adhesion promoter. I took mine to a paint shop the day after I bought it and they said the paint wouldn't stick because of the little bumps. I knew it could be done, just didn't know the right stuff. THanks for being the guinnie(sp) pig too, now I know for sure that my 33 Super Swampers will fit! Dead Link Removed

Here is a pic of what I REALLY want to do.

Looks badass my man, don't forget to email me and check out my pics in the signature. Happy wheelin!!

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