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ALL car models have their problems ...


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October 19, 2011
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Western Mass, (summer), & SW Florida, (winter).
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'13 Limited 4WD 302A Tow

No body ever said a glorified Fiat was anything to write home about, but then Ford has not done a sterling job with the Explorer either. There are just way too many ongoing persistent problems and complaints that Ford really just seems to ignore.

Plumbago, i had issue's with my explorer few but had and my dealership and ford always took care of me even compensated me $$ i think its not so much ford rather that the dealership but i will always stick to ford is i change into another make i could my for the looks than anything else. Now when you find a car that doesn't have a service shop tell me and i will buy that one cash...!

2014 Limited here, loaded with all options. Absolutely NO problems.

This is just one data point, but I do think what we see here on the forum are predominantly the problem cases.