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All Terrain System Fault Idiot Lights


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May 29, 2009
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New Jersey
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2015 Limited
Anybody ever get a message that says "All Terrain System Fault" or something along those lines? There's a certain bump in the road when I exit from the gas station I typically fill up at. It's at a corner by a traffic light and I need to hit the gas hard and turn sharply at the same time. The 2nd time this has happened to me on Fri coming home from work. I pull out, nail the gas and I hear a click / popping sound and then get that error message. The traction control, advance trac etc. all go off and so do the lights for driving modes - normal, snow, mud etc. It's as if the entire 4WD / ABS and any other safety items shut down. All the idiot lights stay lit for a while and then it seems like everything eventually resets in 1-2 days and all goes back to normal, traction light disappear etc.

Anybody know what this is? Is it time to bring it into the dealership? Seems like a temporary computer glitch and then it resets to normal.

Take it to the dealership. That's what the warranty is for.
In fact the warranty covers everything. (it even covered a burned out bulb on my old Ranger)

The event you have very aptly described indicates the Vehicle Dynamics Module has recorded something that goes outside the parameters of the software installed. The module monitors wheel speed input from all 4 wheels and compares other inputs to the module as logical and attainable. Other inputs would be driver requests ie. steering wheel position, accelerator position and recent change of position which would indicate "hitting the gas". Those inputs are shared over several networks to allow vehicle dynamics to effectively control stable attitude. The click/popping noise MAY be an indication that some part of that network information causes an issue that the module cannot control. The event will be retained in the module for an adept technician to have a smaller window of opportunity to "see" what actually went on. Please give the servicing dealer as much pertinent information about the event if they need to recreate the fault. There is always the problem of an "intermittent" concern that will confuse the tech. Good luck on your quest.