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Almost done... I think


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December 4, 2016
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Fort Worth, TX
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1997 5.0 4x4
Everyone had a good laugh the day this backed into the driveway



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That went from a purty, nice, grocery getter to a bad ass rig!

Can we get some navy blue added to it for us Bronco fans???

And how about a few more pics?

Great job!:chug:

Love me a built 97, nice rig!

The beginning of the makeover. The bumper RockRanger makes hasn't fallen off yet!!!

Truck 6.jpg

Truck 2.jpg

Truck 4.jpg

Truck 3.jpg

Truck 13.jpg

Truck 15.jpg

Truck 14.jpg

Great pictures, and what's the name, big orange? My white 98 Limited is stock, and it doesn't look that good.

We have been trying to think of a name for about a year now and nothing just seems to fit right. I guess when the time comes it will be named.

Really like the two tone. Makes it look super tall up. Great looking rig!

Almost done.....funny.
I like the rig, but mine has been almost done for the past ten years or so.